Miningspeed User policy
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that doesnt fit in our user policy!
We reserve the right to refuse miners, we make that choice based on if a miner is "befitting" the pool or not.
If a miner is not blocking at expected intervals, they are not "benefiting" the pool and may get blacklisted!
Their funds will be withheld, and the shares/block reward will be distributed to every other miner
Mining / Miner Stats
What do you need to start mining?
You can mine coins with a CPU (processor), or with a GPU (graphics card). 
We recommend GPU mining because CPU is not profitable.
Wich miner do you need to mine coins?
To mine equihash coins, you need a equihash miner, links and how to setup can be found here

How can i get coins when i dont have a miner??
You can buy coins trough an exchange, for example Poloniex.
It is also possible to rent some hash and use our pool to get some coins,
you can use Miningrigrentals or Nicehash to rent some hash.
I read this section, but i still can't get started with mining, or i still have questions..
We invite you to our gitter chat. We cant be there 24/7 but we will respond your question there ASAP!